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According to Cindy, the soup tasted a bit bland and starchy (perhaps the flour that was used for thickening was not cooked enough). The Bistecca ala Paulina however, was sooooo good! The meat was sautéed to perfection. The potatoes were French-fried first, and then sautéed with the meat and onions. For Cindy to gobble up every bite, it must have been really heavenly! For the hungry Yoying and myself, we ordered a single pizza each. She had the Mad Scramble- Italian sausage meat, pepperoni, mushrooms, green peppers, onions, black olives, chicken and fresh tomatoes. A teaser of a pizza! I had the Taco Pizza, which had chili beef, chopped onions, tomatoes, grated cheese and crispy lettuce- quite interesting for a pizza! Yoying and I actually argued about whose pizza tasted better (I still think mine was tops!)

What I really enjoyed was the pizza crust, which was not so thick, not so thin and not so doughy. It was crispy and made just right-actually the best that I have ever tasted in the country.

As usual, after the meal, I was the only one with a bit of space left in my stomach. So, for the grand finale, it was Chocolate Ice Box Fudge- it’s as sinfully delectable as it sounds. A scoop of fudge topped with cream- each bite was so utterly enchanting!

Actually, the best part of our entire feast was the bill. As I’ ve said before- so wallet-friendly! In conclusion, Di’ Mark’s as well worth the nose to nose battle we experienced, with all those smoke-belching road monsters racing to get ahead of each other along Makati Avenue.

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