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Di’ Mark’s Menu


Pizzarollies Pizza Pockets (New)

Php 235.00

Spinach Croquetas (New)

Php 235.00

Chicken Croquetas

Php 235.00

Fried Mushroom with Garlic

Php 235.00

Fried Italian Sausage Slices

Php 235.00

Beef Tapa Pieces

Php 260.00

Mozzarella Fritters

Php 235.00

Chicken Wings

Solo Php 245 / Php 445.00

Soup of the House

Php 95.00

Minestrone Soup

Php 135.00

Cheesy Onion Soup

Php 145.00

Mushroom Soup

Php 105.00


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Certified foodpanda partner